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May Newsletter – AOM Ministries – ASK!

May Newsletter - AOM Ministries - ASK!

AOM Ministries

Ps 2:8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

1928 E Oklahoma St, Tulsa, Ok, 74110

Email: [email protected]

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Twitter: ChrisWalsh5


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Tel: 918 851 4070

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What if I Gave it All?


Navajo Trip in April

Call to Arms – The Arms of Jesus! Navajo Reconciliation service

Currently over 7,000 people following the daily Bible study and blog on Social Media

Continued contact with international leaders for potential Bible schools

Forwarded episodes of Kingdom Business Outreach to Pakistan, for translation into Urdu language, and airing on Pakistani television.

Continued Signs, Wonders and miracles following the preaching and distribution of the Word.

Participation in Dramatic Narration of ‘The Tulsa Race Riot’ standing against racism in Tulsa

Participation in ‘The Bully Play’s’, a drama standing against bullying.

Jay playing piano for Men’s Prayer at Victory.

Much written on Upcoming Book: Welcome to the Grand Illusion

1Co 9:7 Who goeth a warfare any time at his own charges?

Participation in a book on Worship for a Nigerian minister.

Publication of Grand Illusion, and ‘First Nations book, currently untitled, on the visitations of Jesus among the North American Indian Tribes.

Potential Canada trip in June for family reunion, and to stay connected with leaders there.
Missions Trip to Navajo in July

Potential large evangelistic outreach on Navajo reservation in September

Financial needs:
Currently: $500.00 in overdue utility and phone bill.
A vehicle
Monthly Internet at home
Another Laptop
Dishwasher, kitchen faucet and air conditioning fixed
$60/month dance lessons for Keila and Jay

Ministry Needs:
$250 fee to complete 501 C 3 registration
$2000.00 travel expense for Navajo $2000 travel expense for Canada trip.
Marketing person, to market and distribute ‘The Parable of the Sower’
Computer person, to help add more links to various Social Media through WordPress.

As most of you know, Window Rock Church of God, will host Gathering of All Nations, that will probably be the largest Christian First Nation event, to historically ever occur on US soil, from July 7-12th, 2014. We will attend this event.

We are planning a rather ambitious construction project there, for two reasons:
1. You never really have done anything for Jesus, until you help someone who has no way of ever repaying you. Love is a verb, there are critical needs in the capital of the Navajo nation, and we have the ability to meet them.
2. The ‘Garden of Reconciliation’ sits directly across from the Window Rock sports facility, where the state fair occurs every August. It is estimated that 100,000 people will go through this event this year. We must create a monument to what the Lord is doing among the Navajo, with the potential of seeing many of these come to Christ as they walk through the garden. The desert shall bloom as a rose. It is our intent to create a beautiful, green spot in the midst of the desert, with an outdoor amphitheater, a birdbath, some solar lighting, and some solar outdoor sound playing some gentle instrumental flute or worship, to create an Oasis of prayer, in the heart of the Navajo nation.

Needs: Garden:
Enough Material, soil, bedding plants to landscape a triangular shaped lot, that is approximately 150 ft x 150ft on the base of a right angled triangle. Sounds like we have some landscape timbers donated already.
This requires 520lf of fence.
Five flagpoles that need to be at least 15feet above ground. We need the following flags: US Flag, Navajo Nation flag, Israel flag, Arizona state flag, and the Christian flag

We need a sign that reads: Garden of Reconciliation: The Desert Shall Bloom as a Rose

An outdoor amphitheater.

Six outdoor benches

Perhaps some sort of material to create walkways through the garden, with several podiums sharing the gospel, and a place to submit prayer requests, give out tracts and information, and a Guest Book, for visitors.

A Concrete Birdbath or small precast pond.

Solar powered sound system and lighting.

We need 400lf of quality garden hose, to get water to it from the main fellowship hall, and perhaps some sort of spigot, to allow a sprinkler system to water this some how.

Gates, soil, and people to come help.

Seating for Event: We need 200 more chairs, and 25 folding tables. Sounds like we can purchase these on Craigs List in Rogers AK, for $1000.00

Play Structure: Presently, there is nothing for the children. We need some sort of cool play structure for the church property, that can accommodate 50 children.

Children’s curriculum, puppets, props, and Body suits. Would love to get the gospel Bill, Church on the Move curriculum, as it includes all of this.

There is an 80foot long double wide there that urgently needs a roof, plumbing, and skirting to become livable.

We want to install a metal roof, that will survive the regular 50mph winds on site, and probably metal skirting, trimmed out in 1×4 cedar.

It is my thought that it will be easier to accomplish most of this a week or two before the event….