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Newsletter – AOMMinistries – Chris and Karen Walsh

Newsletter – AOMMinistries – April/May 2016

Chris and Karen Walsh

535 E 26th Place N

Tulsa, OK, 74110

Email: [email protected]

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Hi everyone,

Please pray for us and add our family to your daily prayer lists.

Today, this newsletter is going to be short and sweet.

Today, after 13 months in our friends garage, we are going to move into a rented duplex, close to Oral Roberts University.

Yesterday, when I went to the warehouse where our appliances, furniture and personal belongings have been stored, I discovered that thieves and vandals had either stolen or destroyed almost everything we have accumulated over the past 10 years living here in Tulsa.


Looks like a new day and a fresh start for the Walsh family.

Our urgent need is furniture, appliances, and everything it takes to move into a home. We could really use some help!

In terms of the ministry, we attended Azuza Now in Los Angeles on April 9th, and met with native leaders there briefly. We were also in Branson for the ICFM minister’s conference, and had the privilege this week of attending an evening of the Soul Winner Alliance hosted by Daniel and Jessica King, and have some clear direction from heaven for our next steps in life and ministry.

Our next confirmed upcoming trip will be to the Navajo nation again to Ellson Bennetts ministry for his healing of the nations motorcycle ralley.

I am still praying about partnering with a group in Kenya for a missions trip in July or August. Still not clear from the Lord on this.

These are:

  1. Create a website and professional blog for the 1300 Bible studies so that people can actually find them on-line and benefit from them. There are presently 120,000 people following this blog, and if this primitive thing can go so far and reach so many, it will be awesome to see what God does with it, as it is produced with a new level of excellence. I believe we can reach one million people daily with the word of God, and change nations!
    AOM screen shot
  2. The Orphanage project – Children need to eat daily, and our children need to go to school this year. We need to send something as often as possible for daily needs, and We need $3000.00 to build them a shelter, and several thousand for school fees. Please help.
  3. A Well drilling/water purification project. We need $1250 to drill a well and provide clean drinking water for some good friends of ours serving abroad. Their daughters used to babysit our children, and we know them, and highly respect their ministry. One of these young women is struggling with Hepatitis E from the contaminated water there. I feel obligated to help. For those who partner with us, I will send pictures and a better description of this need, but because of the danger to them, I will not post who and where they are publicly.

Thank you for your prayer and support, we love you and pray for you daily:

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  • Anna Kanoff
    Posted September 16, 2016 at 12:54 am

    Followed the smoke trail from a book review of Ancient Paths, to locate the Walsh’s and their
    work and outreach….was blessed, right up to Azusa Now, where I became alarmed. The Call
    is actively seeking to “reconcile” false religion and true…and I must urge my fellow believers not to put away discernment, or be swept up in the movement.

    • chrisaomministries
      Posted September 17, 2016 at 4:20 am

      Hi Anna, Glad that you found us, as we follow Jesus. I guess you missed why we were at Azuza – we love native americans, and there was a native american leadership conference held in conjunction with Azuza. 125 tribes completed a 40 day fast preceding that event, in fulfillment of the word Dr. Billy Graham gave 40 years ago, that natives would rise up and become the evangelists to North America we need. Dr. Graham was telephoned, and addressed us personally from his home in North Carolina, confirming that word. Natives purchased 100,000 gospels of John and we handed them out across the US, seeing many come to Jesus! Presently, we are expecting 100,000 coming to Talequah, OK Oct 7-9 to pray for this country, and again, some natives entered into a 40 day fast August 31st in preparation for this event. There is a 24 hour prayer group going, and we are determined to see Holy Spirit move, and bring the people of the United States back to a saving knowlege of Jesus Christ! 🙂

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