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They Say?

Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out: so wherethere is no talebearer, the strife ceaseth.

I liked this picture, it made me think about the verse I quoted above. Why? Notice the matchstick? It is unlit.

Seems we can avoid many, many problems and controversies by simply refusing to gossip. Sure, something might be true, but love covers a multitude of sins. If you messed up, would you want your friends broadcasting your mess?

It is better to be quick to pray, and slow to spread rumors or tales of others woe. It doesn’t help them, you, or our communities, nor bring healing, hope, or anything constructive. Prayer, on the other hand, in the mighty name of Jesus, always is heard in heaven, and invokes God’s power to make wrongs right, and to fix the impossible.
pray no gossip

Some people struggle with identity crisis – we forget who we are before the throne of God – children of the most High God, ambassadors of heaven, royalty. Instead of letting God’s love permeate our deepest thoughts, and give us that deep inner confidence that can only come from heaven, we find ourselves trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’, more concerned with what ‘They’ think, than what God thinks.

Read this poem that sums it up pretty well:

Have you heard of the terrible family They,
And the dreadful venomous things They say?
Why, half the gossip under the sun,
If you trace it back, you will find begun
In that wretched House of They.

Ellen Wilcox Wheeler

I have heard stories about the life of my friend and pastor, Billy Joe Daugherty about how he handled it when someone approached him with a juicy piece of gossip. He would either grab the persons hand and say: ‘Great! Let’s pray for that person, right now!’

In one instance, his son complained to him about the behavior of one of the staff, and he said: ‘Let’s get them over here right now, so that we can pray together about this!” His son, was like, ‘But Dad, I want you take my side in this! Yet, he refused to do it, determined to walk in love and impartially towards everyone in the church.

If you have not really dug into the Scriptures yet, to discover who you are in God’s sight by looking in the mirror of His Word, please check out this article I wrote entitled ‘Identity Crisis’. In it, I’ve included several articles and confessions that agree with who Gods says we are:¬†

I have written a couple articles on the topic of gossip and words over the years you might find helpful:

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Words are containers, servants that should be used carefully and wisely.

Like vessels, they contain the spirit in which they were uttered: either words of love, faith, and authority backed up by heaven, or vain, foolish non-productive words that don’t build anything, but only tear down people through insinuation, allegation, accusation, or lies.

Be a builder today, of people, places and things, using your words as tools to create a better piece of the world you occupy.

Lets pray

‘Father, put Your words in my mouth today. Words of life, love, power, and faith that change my world, and the lives of those around me. Set a watch upon my lips, a rein on my tongue, that I might not tear down what You have called me to build. May Your perfect love destroy my deepest insecurities, your peace that passes all understanding, reign in my heart. Let me truly love, and honestly not care what others think about me and mine, but let me walk free from the tyranny of others expectations, manipulations, and control. I ask this, knowing I am heard, for I ask in Your name Lord Jesus, Amen’