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We Will Stand!

Over the years, we have become friends with a precious woman of God, Loretta Miller Smail. She truly loves Jesus, and He loves her. She has been given a beautiful gift of song, and of the songs she writes, there is one, that I believe, is a word that must be heard all across the United States of America, especially during these difficult times.

In the Media, we see treachery, and politically there is turmoil, yet in the heart of this nation, is a victorious church, determined to walk in holiness before God, for His sake, and this people are the hope of America, Jesus victorious church.

Loretta gathered together a bunch of friends, and had this video produced. I am the guy in the white hardhat, representing the construction industry. The video speaks life and hope!

Here it is, please share it as far as you able, for the glory of the Lord!


Loretta has a remarkable life story, having overcome great horror as a child, to live victoriously for Jesus now. Please learn more about her at: