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Women in Ministry

Women in Ministry

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Here we read of Junia the apostle, a fellowprisoner of Paul in the call of God, the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rom 16:7 Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellowprisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

1) a Christian woman at Rome, mentioned by Paul as one of his kinsfolk and fellow prisoners

There are many Scriptures describing women called of God into ministry gifts and offices, yet there are men who argue that women have no place in leadership, that apostolic and leadership offices are only granted by God, to men.

Chauvinism, and ignornance gone to seed.

The gospel is that Jesus is Risen from the Dead! He is Lord.
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Think about this actual event, it was a woman, Mary, at the tomb, that Jesus stopped to visit with, and commission to go tell His disciples and Peter (who was not a disciple at that particular moment after denying Jesus) that He had Risen from the dead. This is the gospel.

Who sent her? Jesus Himself, Lord and God he Son, 2nd person of the Trinity. So God sends women.

Who was she sent to? Men! Yhe first church fathers, the apostles who gave us the church, and the New Testament), telling them that He had risen from the dead! Can women give a message from God to leaders? He sure did in this account!

Guess that makes the first preacher of the gospel, a woman, and, she was sent by God (remember Jesus is still God, the second person of the Trinity), and she was sent to preach to men.

Just sayin…

I believe God will use whosoever He desires, and that He clearly gifts five fold leadership gifts to the earth, to women, as well as men.
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Let’s pray:
‘Father, I simply wish to follow you, to hear and obey. Let me hear your voice. Speak through your word, by your Spirit to me directly, or through men or women in leadership in your church, your bride, your government in the earth, in your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen’

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