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Personality, Prayer and Promises:

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I have noticed folks that build ministries and businesses upon their great personality, and prayer. They are wonderful people, and they really go for it, and they pray God bless their plans, and because God is love, to a certain measure, He does.

Kenneth E Hagin wrote a great book, entitled ‘Plans, purposes and pursuits.’ where he speaks about the criticalness of discovering God’s plans for our lives. We can seek God’s blessing on our plans, and struggle with it, or we can fight until we discover the plan for which we are created, and walk in it, and His plans are already blessed.

Yet, as their organizations grow, they become unable to fulfill their promises, despite their good intentions. Why? Because they forgot to investigate fully God’s promises given to us in His Word, and accurately hear Holy Spirit for His sovereign plan.

So, the years go by, and there is little or no stability in their lives, hence instability in their families, ministries, and businesses…We must hear accurately, and build upon the Word of God!

When we do, no matter what storms come, we with weather them all, and we won’t have to seek God’s blessing upon what we do, for His promises are already blessed. Inside of each promise is His power to fulfill that Word!

Let’s Pray:

‘Father, teach me Your Word! I every area of my life and calling that I am moving in my will, not yours, show me clearly, and give me courage to change. Show me how to apply your Word in each and every area of my life! In the areas where I am not rooted and grounded, show me, and give me the courage to face whatever painful truth I might need to, that I might find peace, stability, and grace, and the ability to impart it to others..In Your name I pray Lord Jesus, Amen”