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AOMMinistries Support Request

Hi Everyone,

Finally sending out a support request for our family. My children have pointed out to me, that “Hey dad, I appreciate what you do for orphans around the world, but what about us?’ Truthfully, they are correct. I had planned, in 2013 when we decided that this was Gods perfect will for our family that I would work for a couple years while we built the ministry. Any so we have…Last year I had a full blown stroke that was supposed to leave me paralyzed on my left side for 18 months according to doctors, yet the Lord graciously healed me, and here I am, still fighting through. If you want to read about my miracle:

Clearly, it is time for us to become fully supported in the gospel.


Over the past 7 years, I have produced over 1800 Bible studies and blog posts, and am in the process of publishing my 4th book, and we have been on close to 50 short term missions trips as a family, mostly in USA but also to Israel, and I went to Rwanda.

The impact of the Word of God has been tremendous, with over 60 ministries committing to pioneering Bible schools in 8 countries, and numerous charitable projects raised up like:

Partnering with Grace Child Development Center in India, helping them fund and construct a children home, and then a walled compound to keep out venomous snakes.

Partnering with pastor Evans in Eldoret Kenya to produce quality leadership teachings for his leadership conference and Bible school students.

Partnering with pastor Victor in Migori province in Kenya to drill a clean water well 600’ deep, with a solar powered pumping station to get water to the surface. Presently, pastor is completing construction of a restroom and wash house facility that will ensure this beautiful clean water remains pure for generations to come.

Partnering with Navajo leaders to help facilitate a reconciliation service and flag raising ceremony, in the ‘garden of reconciliation’ constructed in Window Rock, AZ

Presently raising up awareness and support for a transitional housing facility for homeless veterans here in Tulsa, OK.

We continue to speak and teach wherever God opens doors, and help with compassionate needs as we are able, but we now must have monthly support to survive. Clearly God spoke to me to return to Tulsa to complete my Masters Degree at Oral Roberts University, and I will say this about ORU: they do not hand out degrees lightly, but require a tremendous amount of work. We homeschool our children, yet we use BJU curriculum and there is a monthly fee for its use.

In a nutshell, here’s our monthly budget:


Monthly Expenses AOMMInistries

Rent $1000.00

Utilities: $600

Education/Books: $600

Administrative expenses: $150.00

Salary: $1700

Total: $4,000.00