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Should Marijuana be legalized?

12 Everything is permissible (allowable and lawful) for me; but not all things are helpful (good for me to do, expedient and profitable when considered with other things). Everything is lawful for me, but I will not become the slave of anything or be brought under its power

no marijuana

I was speaking with an obviously bright young man yesterday, who was advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

Reminds me of teenagers who refuse to understand that living in my house, there are curfews, and rules that will be obeyed if they want to continue to live there.

This issue before God, is not: ‘Can we smoke pot?” (The answer is obviously yes)

Rather, is it helpful, and more importantly :Why do want to smoke it?”

Clearly, there are some short and long term side effects to marijuana use, they we have probably not thought through:

This scientist is convinced of the harmful effects, after 20 years of study:

If we claim to love Jesus, and have accepted His Lordship over our lives, the issue is not whether we can still do sin, rather, in light of who He is, and what He has done, and the high level of honor He has granted to us as royal citizens and children of His kingdom, that we would still lower ourselves to alcohol, marijuana, and recreational pharmaceuticals, seeking from the Creation, that which should only legitimately come from our Creator.

I want to serve Him with my WHOLE Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit, not merely handing back to him, damaged goods after I have destroyed my body and mind through drug use. He is love, and will take us wherever we are at, and begin the process of healing, redemption and recreation in us, but like the old proverb goes, “It is easier to raise a healthy child, than repair a damaged adult’. There are clearly harmful side effects from marijuana use, Jesus came to give us life, not death and destruction – Live and become all you are created to be.

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So, legalization of marijuana is not the real issue, but rather why anyone would want to smoke it…lowering ourselves to mere carnal humanity, with a plant ruling over a man, instead of ruling and reigning in Christ, with a man ruling over a plant.

For the record, I am against it, simply because my experience in running an alcohol/drug treatment has proven that marijuana is clearly a gateway drug, to a life of addictions. I have seen young people use marijuana to avoid reality, and watched as a helpless spectator, as they spent years of their lives getting high, instead of growing, learning, and becoming the people of honor and excellence they were created to be. Presently, a user generally purchases pot and hash, from the same person who sells crack, coke, meth, ecstasy, and harder substances.

Even if it were legalized, the motive for smoking it, is not holy, godly…

I love people, and believe in them. Tobacco and alcohol are legal. Yet where do we find local liquor stores? Usually right next to low income housing or government housing projects. People who are broken, use it to avoid reality, when the truth is, there need to be ministries, and educational opportunities to help people break the cycle of defeat, and to honestly get into a better brighter future.

1 Cor 6:19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.


Like tobacco and alcohol, these substances destroy lives. Ever notice that there is always a liquor store near a low-income housing subdivision. It’s like the owners of these establishments prey upon the brokenness of humanity, encouraging them to get drunk, rather than to get up, and make something of their lives. It is another dream stealing, soul sucking trap to devour peoples lives, and I love people, and believe in them. I hate things that destroy them. Marijuana smoke is 20x more toxic than cigarette smoke. THC stays in ones system for 30 days, not just a day or two like alcohol, and there are clear documented reports showing the mental damage pot smoking produces.

Let’s Pray:

“Father God, reveal Your love, high and holy calling upon our lives to us. Show us our great worth, and teach our hearts to receive Your presence and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, that meets our true hunger within, not looking to artificial substances, in our search for what only You can give. We ask this, knowing we are heard and answered, for we ask in Your name Lord Jesus.

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