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The Great!

The Great I?

Pr 20:6 ¶ Most men will proclaim every one his own goodness: but a faithful man who can find?

“Look what God did for ME. Look at what I did! I built that!”

The insidious voice of pride…

Lucifer was the chief worship leader in heaven, yet he became lifted up in pride…
God only gives grace to the humble..

What about Jesus? His grace, goodness, gifts given that made it all possible. What about the person next to you, can we get out of ourselves long enough to at least ask how they are doing, and pray for them, or help them, recognizing that Jesus loves them too? Just sayin….

Let’s pray:
‘Father, put a muzzle on my mouth where I am blowing my own horn, and turn my testimony into praise, honor and glory to you. Help me to be faithful to you Lord Jesus, Amen’